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    Aducktive Food Sdn. Bhd. – Enhancing Shelf Life of Salted-Egg Flavored Corn Flakes Snacks

    FUBIZO collaborated with Aducktive Food to extend the shelf life of their salted-egg flavored corn flakes snacks, enabling expansion opportunities through export to North America.

    • Shelf Life Extension

      Shelf Life Extension

    • Product Quality Assurance

      Product Quality Assurance

    • Production Process Optimization

      Production Process Optimization

    • Market Expansion

      Market Expansion

    Client Requirement:

    Aducktive Food Sdn. Bhd., a leading food manufacturer specializing in snacks, sought to increase the shelf life of their salted-egg flavored corn flakes snacks from 5 months to 10 months.

    They needed a solution to address product deterioration over time, particularly challenging due to the use of real salted egg yolk in the seasoning.
    Additionally, Aducktive Food aimed to identify and mitigate production gaps that could potentially impact product quality and taste.

    Client Profile:

    Aducktive Food Sdn. Bhd. is a reputable food manufacturer based in Selangor, Malaysia, focusing on the production of snacks. Committed to delivering quality products, the company prioritizes innovation and customer satisfaction.

    Our Work:

    FUBIZO collaborated closely with Aducktive Food to address their unique challenges and achieve their objectives. Through comprehensive analysis and testing, the team identified the root cause of product deterioration and devised tailored solutions to extend shelf life without compromising taste and quality.
    We implemented strategic measures to close gaps in production and ensure consistent product quality. The collaboration involved onsite support and hands-on assistance to optimize production processes and minimize potential points of failure.

    Results Shown:

    The partnership between FUBIZO and Aducktive Food yielded significant results, with the salted-egg flavored corn flakes snacks now boasting a shelf life of 10 months.

    This extension enabled Aducktive Food to explore new markets and expand their business through exports to North America.

    By addressing production gaps and ensuring product consistency, FUBIZO empowered Aducktive Food to overcome challenges and maintain their reputation for high-quality snacks.

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