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    Dusk to Dawn – Carbonated Energy Drink for Night Shift Workers

    Dusk to Dawn, based in Queensland, Australia, partnered with FUBIZO to develop a unique carbonated energy drink tailored for night shift workers in the Australian mining industry. This innovative product provides sustained energy release, helping workers stay awake and alert throughout their shifts.

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    Client Profile:

    Client Name: Dusk to Dawn – Queensland, Australia Industry: Beverage Manufacturing – Energy Drinks
    Target Market: Night shift workers, particularly those operating heavy machinery in the mining industry

    Client Requirement:

    Dusk to Dawn needed a specialized energy drink that could keep night shift workers awake and mentally sharp without the crash associated with traditional energy drinks. The product also needed to include natural ingredients and flavors.

    Our Work:

    Product Conceptualization:
    • Identified the unique needs of night shift workers, focusing on sustained energy and mental alertness.
    • Developed a formula for a carbonated energy drink with slow-release energy technology to prevent the caffeine crash.
    Ingredient Selection:
    • Incorporated natural juices and flavors to enhance the taste and provide a more enjoyable drinking experience.
    • Used natural colors to ensure the product is appealing while maintaining a healthy profile.
    Technology Integration:
    • Utilized a proprietary slow-release energy technology to ensure a gradual release of energy, keeping users alert over a longer period.
    • Ensured the drink provided consistent energy without the need for multiple servings, reducing the likelihood of frequent urination.
    Product Testing:
    • Conducted extensive testing to ensure the drink’s efficacy and safety for long-term use.
    • Gathered feedback from target users to refine the taste and effectiveness of the product.
    Regulatory Compliance:
    • Ensured the product met all relevant health and safety regulations for food and beverage products in Australia.
    • Provided detailed documentation and support for regulatory approval processes.
    Results Shown:
    • Enhanced Worker Performance: The energy drink effectively helped night shift workers stay awake and alert, improving their ability to operate heavy machinery safely.
    • Positive Consumer Feedback: Received favorable feedback for the product’s taste and its sustained energy release, which reduced the need for frequent consumption and minimized bathroom breaks.
    • Market Differentiation: Successfully positioned Dusk to Dawn as a unique product in the energy drink market, offering a solution that other major brands like Red Bull and Monster do not provide.
    • Natural Appeal: The inclusion of natural ingredients and colors appealed to health-conscious consumers, enhancing the product’s marketability.
    • Increased Safety and Productivity: By reducing the caffeine crash and providing a steady release of energy, the drink contributed to safer and more productive night shifts in the mining industry.

    Dusk to Dawn’s innovative carbonated energy drink, developed in collaboration with FUBIZO, offers a groundbreaking solution for night shift workers, combining sustained energy release with natural ingredients for a superior and healthier energy boost.

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