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    How did Haegan Dazs, Oreo’s, Nestle and Coca Cola innovate and stay relevant in the market?

    What are the top innovation trends of 2020?

    What problems does your product solve for the market and at what price would it be acceptable to the market?

    What are the kinds of innovations an organization should pursue based on the target market and company’s budget?

    How to do “Speedy product development”?

    Make new products with minimal machine investment.

    How does Nestle keep cost low, quality high and make a hit in the market?

    Ingredient innovation: what is it? And how to create so that others couldn’t use it?

    How to Prevent copycats?

    How to find alternative ingredients and substitutions?

    OEM / Contract Manufacturing challenges

    Attend FOOD 2020: For Product Developers- Innovation and Problem Solving (HRDF/PSMB certified) by FUBIZO Trainings PLT & learn to how make hit products!

    FOOD 2020 will start with understanding market trends and applying relevant trends in your development, then move into the problem the product solves, price determination strategy, benchmarking the products already in the market and the advantages each product offers the market. After that, the participants will have a chance to talk about their concepts and the training will be focused on developing the products from ideation to prototype. Ingredient innovation to prevent copycats, troubleshooting techniques and costing will also be discussed. After the prototype is developed, understanding manufacturing capabilities is essential. Making the product with minimal machine investment and product stability (flavor, microbial) will be towards the end of the event.


    Develop trendy, acceptable and hit products

    Understand Product Development from a Sales and Marketing Standpoint

    Prevent copycats by creating innovative ingredients that only your product could use

    Learn “Speedy Product Development” from Ideation to Prototype

    Mastering the “Law of Product Development” to develop hit products

    Know manufacturing/production capability and keeping machinery investment as low as possible

    Keep product cost low, quality high and stability maintained


    • Directors
    • Managers
    • Production/ Manufacturing Executives
    • Quality/ New Product Development/ R&D Executives
    • Technical Executives, Food Scientist, Food Technologists

    WHY FOOD 2020 by FUBIZO

    FUBIZO has helped developed many successful products for Fortune 500 companies such as General Mills, Cargill and POST Foods in USA. FUBIZO has also worked with very small companies such as Chef’s Cut Real Jerky and helped them be listed in Inc 5000- Fastest Growing Companies.

    In just under 3 years, FUBIZO has help companies sell

    • 50 million units of products
    • Incremental sales of RM350 million

    Our team of experts have successfully identified the common factors for product success and are now ready to share this secrets with those yearning to learn.

    METHODOLOGY (How is FOOD 2020 Conducted?)

    • Seminars
    • Presentations
    • Case Studies
    • Mock Up Product Concept
    • Group Activity (Mockup Development)


    Day 1:


    • Participants to introduce the products manufactured by their company, challenges faces in their companies

    Understanding the flow of Successful Product Development: Pre-development —> Prototype —> Feedback —> Manufacturing

    Knowing consumer trends and how to optimize development based on relevant information

    • Understanding the Problem the product solves, the theme of development and product form
    • Product Selling Point, Product Cost and Pricing, and value it adds to consumers

    Developing Market Leading Products (Case Study)

    • Understanding Copycats and Making it tough for copycats to imitate
    • Ingredient innovation that is unique to the product being developed
    • Understanding the company’s strength and playing to that strength

    Ingredients (Case Study)

    • Knowing what to add, how much to add and end effects
    • Nutritional Facts
    • Clean Label Ingredients
    • Controlling Product Cost
    • Developing Unique Ingredients at a low cost
    • Sugar, Salt, Fat Content, Unique Flavors for Products Developed

    Speedy Product Development- from Ideation to Prototype fast and effective- continued to Day 2

    Day 2:

    Speedy Product Development

    • Brainstorming Ideas
    • Ideation to Concept Development to Prototype

    The DO’s and DON’T of Product Development

    • What features to add in the product?
    • What not to add when developing a product?
    • Awards won vs. Consumer Acceptability

    Production/ Manufacturing Transfer

    • Transferring Lab Scale Products to Pilot Plant to Full Scale Manufacturing
    • Developing Products and being aware of machinery capabilities
    • Selecting OEM/Contract Manufacturer
    • Formulation Challenges and Changes in Product Properties during Product Loss
    • Accounting for yield lost

    Product Stability

    • Texture, Maintaining Appearance, Flavor Stability
    • Microbial Stability and Predicting Shelf Life Before the duration is complete



    We recommend that participants bring some sample of their own product and competitors products for practical purposes to ensure the training is relevant.


    RM1,750 for 2 days – Course fee is Claimable under HRDF/SBL Scheme.

    Your investment includes 2 breaks and 1 lunch each day for 2 days, course materials & certificate of attendance.


    Alvin Andrew is an extremely strategic consumer centric product developer and his main passion lies in creating valuable product that are affordable, natural and tasty. He has worked with snacks, multiple type of beverages, dairy products, sauces and curries for small companies, Fortune 100 companies in USA and has helped companies grow to be in the Inc. 5000 list. He has worked in New York, Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis and his hometown, Penang Malaysia. Alvin graduated with his BSc and MSc in Food Science from University of Minnesota- one of the world’s leading universities for food science.

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