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    FOOD 2020 – Learn Market Trends, Product Development & Branding (KL, Malaysia – Dec 2019)

    Contact No:  +6012-428-2495 / +6010-217-4545   Email:  Info@fubizo.com


    90% of food companies fail within the first 2 years of business

    99.9% of consumers purchase new products based on the packaging!

    Only 5% of packaged food products developed are successful!

    How did Starbucks create a wildly successful lifestyle brand?

    How is Nestle so successful even after nearly 200 years in business?

    Why does McDonald’s sell more burgers than any other company in the world?

    In FOOD 2020, FUBIZO Ventures in collaboration with Lean Business Solutions PLT (100% HRDF/PSMB certified) will train you on how to identify sustainable trends effectively, create a successful product, with a small budget but effective advertisement campaign, talk about how to do branding for your product and connect to the heart of consumers.

    FOOD 2020 will start with understanding the market trends and behaviors, effective price/value setting, relevant product development, and branding- training your sales team so that they have the confidence to push the product out there and showing people what the brand really represents.


    • Accurately help companies understand the consumer’s requirements
    • Understanding sustainable trends, keeping up with the ever-growing demand of consumers
    • Develop correct products targeting the relevant market
    • Conducting Proper Market Analysis
    • Branding the Product that Connects to Consumers
    • Sales Negotiations


    • Directors
    • Managers
    • Marketing Executives
    • Sales Executives
    • Branding Executives
    • Product Development Executives

    WHY FOOD 2020 by FUBIZO

    FUBIZO has helped developed many successful products for Fortune 500 companies such as General Mills, Cargill and POST Foods in USA. FUBIZO has also worked with very small companies such as Chef’s Cut Real Jerky and helped them be listed in Inc 5000- Fastest Growing Companies.

    In just under 3 years, FUBIZO has help companies sell

    • 50 million units of products
    • Incremental sales of RM350 million

    Our team of experts have successfully identified the common factors for product success and are now ready to share this secrets with those yearning to learn.

    METHODOLOGY (How is FOOD 2020 Conducted?)

    • Seminars
    • Presentations
    • Case Studies
    • Mock Up Product Concept
    • Identifying a Trend and Making a Mock Up Product Concept
    • Branding Concept Development (Packaging Concept Design, Wording on Advertisements)
    • Salesman Speech Practical Training (Role Play)


    Day 1:


    Participants to introduce the products manufactured by their company, challenges faces in their companies Market Trends:

    • Top 5 Food Trends of 2020
    • Top 5 Food Consumer Trends of 2020
    • Top 3 Regulation Trends of 2020
    • Identifying Differences between Fads (Short Term) and Sustainable Trends (Long Term)

    Knowing the Consumer- Who are they? How to reach them? Where are they?

    • Problems Consumer Face and How does a product solve their problem. [Case Study]
    • Cost vs Pricing vs Value [Case Study]


    >Product Development


    • Flavor Trends
    • Clean Label, GMO Trends, Natural vs Artificial
    • Shelf Stability
    • Product Positioning (Pricing, Promotion, Competitor Analysis)
    • Mock Up Product Concept Competitor Analysis and Pricing Strategy
    • Making a product mockup as a sample- continued to Day 2

    Day 2:

    Product Concept Mock up

    • Product Development
    • Consumer Acceptability Test of New Product Developed
    • Speedy Product Development

    Communication: Packaging, Broucher, Expo Booth Design Concept

    • Understanding Packaging role in Attracting Consumers
    • Wording and Color Schemes for Packaging to Connect with Consumers
    • Key Words on Package that Attract Consumers
    • Broucher Design and Simplicity in Design
    • Less is More: What to Include in Marketing Materials
    • Expo Booth: Booth Flow and Creating the Mood for Sales


    • What is Branding in Food Companies?
    • Creating Connections Between Consumers and Products [Case Study]
    • What comes into the mind of Consumers when they think of a brand


    • Selling a Product
    • What should and should not be said when selling?
    • Sales Presentation
    • Creating Confidence and Inspiring Sales Team



    We recommend that participants bring some sample of their own product and competitors products for practical purposes to ensure the training is relevant.


    RM1,450 for 2 days

    Your investment includes 2 coffee/tea breaks and 1 lunch each day for 2 days, course materials, and certificate of attendance.



    Dr Andrew Jebamani – MBA, MCIM (Chartered Marketer, UK), PhD

    Dr Andrew has an impressive record in the field of management for over 27 years.

    Dr Andrew is an astute analyzer of the trends affecting World Class companies. He has designed and delivered various in-house programs for the top management.

    Besides his academic qualification, he has accumulated many years of experience as a professional trainer and has hands-on practical experience in the field of management, both in the private and public sector. His managerial positions and exposure in different multinational companies has given him a wide perspective in the management of training and development functions of multinationals. He is also a certified trainer for a number of world class management training programs.

    He is a much sought after speaker and have presented several public and in-house training programs both locally and internationally. Notable he has spoken to many companies in India covering major industrial areas. He was also invited to present similar seminars in China, Thailand, and Vietnam. In November 2003, he was selected by the magazine “The Machinist” as the personality-of-the-month. Dr Andrew is a highly capable trainer and consultant for all levels and a result oriented person.


    Carl is a performance-driven sales professional with more than 5 years of experience in marketing and sales management in the Food & Beverage Industry. He graduated from a top business school in France, and was trained by companies such as Nestle and Unilever.

    He started his career as Sales Manager for PepsiCo France on the very competitive retail market. He joined Metarom Group in Malaysia to manage the project of settling the first subsidiary of the group in Asia, with factory, laboratories and a new local team in less than 2 years. He is now the Regional Sales Manager SEA for the company, developing and managing a distribution network in Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia as well as Key accounts in Malaysia.



    Alvin Andrew is an extremely strategic consumer centric product developer and his main passion lies in creating valuable product that are affordable, natural and tasty. He has worked with snacks, multiple type of beverages, dairy products, sauces and curries for small companies, Fortune 100 companies in USA and has helped companies grow to be in the Inc. 5000 list. He has worked in New York, Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis and his hometown, Penang Malaysia. Alvin graduated with his BSc and MSc in Food Science from University of Minnesota- one of the world’s leading universities for food science.

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