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    1. How do we deliver the best possible experience to our consumers through the products we offer?

    At FUBIZO, we always ask this question first when developing a product. What motivates us to take up a project is the imagination of our consumers enjoying the product. The imagination of how a product we develop could be in 70+ countries and positively impact the lives of others is what drives us at FUBIZO to make the very best product and to solve problems by being part of the solution. What is the consumer looking for? Why are they looking for it? What is it they want or need but are not communicating? What is it that they are communicating they dislike in what they currently have? What do they currently like? What do they say they like, but do not purchase when offered? Are they lying? Is the cost too high to solve this problem?

    A thorough understanding of the market is vital to successfully developing and launching a product.

    2. What are the clients’ competencies to ensure the consumer gets the best experience? – This usually refers to development skills, technical knowledge, production capability and machine availability.

    The key to launching a product consumers love lies in the overlap of the manufacturers’ competencies and market needs and wants. Understanding the market is the first part of the step, humility in understanding one’s core competency is another vital part of the product development process.

    At FUBIZO, in the very initial stages, we often times ask our clients (who are usually entrepreneurs, venture capitalist, food and beverage manufactures of various sizes from startups to Fortune 500 companies), what are the machinery/ tools/ resources available. We do not want to develop an amazing product, a product that consumers love only to find out that there are no machines available. What makes FUBIZO stands out is also the fact that we try to formulate a product with this understanding. For example, we had a client that wants us to develop a carbonara pasta sauce which is dairy based but have no pasteuriser or sterilisation system. All the carbonara sauces usually requires some sort of pasteurisation step as a kill step. However, due to our strong technical knowledge, our team have formulated a carbonara sauce that does not require pasteurisation/ sterilisation. How did FUBIZO beat the norm and achieve this? Through our knowledge and understanding of what bacteria would negatively impact the sauce, how they CONSUMER MANUFACTURER’s CAPABILITY DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL BRANDING survive and breed. Instead of killing the bacteria, could we actually stop “feeding” it and create an “unfavorable condition” so that it dies? These are questions we ask when developing a product with the understanding of the available resources.

    We have also developed products in which we sourced for the manufacturing plant and produced it in Asia for the product to be sold in Europe and USA. This way, the client could also just tell us the idea and FUBIZO handles the development all the way to manufacturing commercially.

    3. The next important question is understanding the distribution channel.

    We also have to understand the conditions for distribution (cold storage, shelf life stability during transportation). This includes asking and understanding the conditions of where the product is being sent to, customs/import & Export duties, shipping condition, storage conditions, how is the product being advertised and so on.

    These are considerations that are wise to consider upfront when developing a product to ensure time and cost is saved.

    4. How are we planning to present the product offering to our consumers?

    This falls under the category of branding where we “promise X is given through company ABC”. Brand is NOT about a logo or colour schemes, but much more about the execution of our promise to the consumers. Branding usually ties in closely with the first question “What is the consumer looking for” and this is what needs to be highlighted.

    We have clients that appoint us to do content writing and packaging design work and we often times ask the client back- how do you imagine the consumer living with this offering? The answer to this question is the main way we create content and we emphasize these points so that we could resonate with the consumer.

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