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    Kum Thim Food Industries Sdn. Bhd. – Enhancing Shelf Life and Product Quality

    Explore how FUBIZO collaborated with Kum Thim Food Industries to elevate their product offerings, extending shelf life and enhancing the quality of their snacks and sauces.

    • Shelf Life Extension

      Shelf Life Extension

    • Product Development

      Product Development

    • Market Expansion

      Market Expansion

    • Process Optimization

      Process Optimization

    Client Requirement:

    Kum Thim Food Industries, a prominent food manufacturer specializing in snacks and sauces, approached FUBIZO with several key objectives. Firstly, they aimed to improve the shelf life of their deep-fried snacks, ensuring longer-lasting freshness and reduced return rates. Additionally, they sought to develop a preserved pickled white radish product specifically tailored for the traditional Lunar New Year dish “Yee Sang.” Lastly, Kum Thim Food Industries desired to create a flavorful and shelf-stable chili sauce suitable for Chinese chicken rice shops, enhancing the dining experience for their customers.

    Client Profile:

    Kum Thim Food Industries Sdn. Bhd. is a renowned food manufacturer based in Selangor, Malaysia, specializing in the production of snacks and sauces. With a commitment to quality and innovation, the company strives to deliver exceptional products to its customers.

    Our Work:

    To meet the diverse requirements of Kum Thim Food Industries, we deployed a multifaceted approach encompassing research, formulation, and process optimization. The team conducted extensive market research to identify key trends and preferences within the target demographic, informing the development process for each product category.
    For the deep-fried snacks, implemented advanced preservation techniques and ingredient formulations to extend shelf life while maintaining product quality. Similarly, the preserved pickled white radish underwent meticulous development to ensure optimal texture, flavor, and color stability over an extended period. Additionally, crafted a unique recipe for the chili sauce, focusing on freshness and shelf stability without compromising on taste.

    Results Shown:

    The collaboration between FUBIZO and Kum Thim Food Industries yielded impressive results across all product categories. By enhancing the shelf life of their deep-fried snacks, Kum Thim Food Industries experienced a notable reduction in return rates, leading to increased manufacturing efficiency and cost savings. The introduction of the preserved pickled white radish product enabled the company to expand its market reach, facilitating exports and capturing the attention of discerning consumers. Furthermore, the development of the chicken rice chili sauce met the client’s objectives of long-term storage capability and superior flavor profile, enhancing the dining experience for customers and solidifying Kum Thim Food Industries’ position as a leader in the industry.

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