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    Mun Meng Durian Ice Cream – Transforming Durian into Exportable Delicacies

    Mun Meng Fruits, a prominent durian plantation in Raub, Pahang, partnered with FUBIZO to overcome bacterial contamination in their durian paste and develop innovative durian-based ice cream products. This collaboration aimed to enhance product quality, expand market reach, and establish a robust manufacturing setup.

    • Quality Assurance

      Quality Assurance

    • Product Development

      Product Development

    • Market Expansion

      Market Expansion

    • Manufacturing Setup

      Manufacturing Setup

    Client Profile:

    Mun Meng Fruits (M) Sdn Bhd – Raub, Pahang
    Industry: Durian Plantation and Food Manufacturing

    Client Requirement:

    Mun Meng needed to develop three types of durian paste and three types of durian ice creams, ensuring the products were safe for export and appealing to both local and international markets. Additionally, they required assistance in setting up a manufacturing facility from scratch.

    Our Work:

    Durian Paste Development:
    • Developed three types of durian paste: Campong, D24, and Musang King.
    • Addressed bacterial contamination issues to meet export standards for markets like China.
    • Ensured high-quality, safe-to-use durian paste suitable for bakeries and other food manufacturers.
    Ice Cream Product Development:
    • Created three types of durian ice creams.
    • Developed a chocolate-coated durian ice cream (Thong Pong) that received client approval.
    • Planned and executed the production of the remaining ice cream varieties.
    Results Shown:
    • Enhanced Product Safety: Successfully developed export-quality durian paste free from bacterial contamination, opening new markets such as China.
    • Innovative Products: Launched a chocolate-coated durian ice cream (Kampung Durian) with positive client feedback and approval.
    • Market Expansion: Enabled Mun Meng to not only sell their durian products locally but also to penetrate international markets with high-quality, safe-to-consume products.
    • Comprehensive Manufacturing Setup: Planning to establish a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, ensuring efficient production and quality control from the ground up.

    This partnership showcases FUBIZO’s capability to innovate and deliver comprehensive solutions, transforming raw agricultural products into market-ready goods and setting up robust manufacturing processes for sustainable growth.

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