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    Optastar Protein Sdn. Bhd – Elevating Protein Beverage Taste

    Optastar Protein Sdn. Bhd partnered with FUBIZO to elevate the taste and quality of their protein drinks, develop innovative flavors, ensure regulatory compliance, and expand market reach.

    • Product Development

      Product Development

    • Flavor Innovation

      Flavor Innovation

    • Regulatory Compliance

      Regulatory Compliance

    • Market Expansion

      Market Expansion

    Client Requirement:

    Optastar Protein Sdn. Bhd, a leading beverage manufacturer in sports nutrition, sought assistance in enhancing the taste and quality of their clear protein drinks, developing new flavors for hydration and energy beverages, ensuring regulatory compliance, and optimizing product formulation for scale-up.

    Client Profile:

    Optastar Protein Sdn. Bhd specializes in producing sports nutrition beverages, aiming to deliver high-quality products that meet consumer demands for taste, functionality, and regulatory standards.

    Our Work:

    Improved Taste and Quality: Enhanced the taste and quality of clear protein drinks while maintaining a sugar-free formulation.

    New Flavor Development: Developed two unique flavors each for hydration and energy beverages from scratch, ensuring alignment with consumer preferences.

    Regulatory Compliance: Ensured all product formulations complied with regulatory standards, allowing for accurate claims to be made.

    Market Differentiation: Enhanced product uniqueness and consumer appeal to stand out in the competitive marketplace.

    Formulation Optimization: Provided formulations compatible with factory scale-up, meeting client cost requirements without compromising on product quality or introducing unwanted aftertastes.

    Shelf-Life Extension: Developed hydration beverages with 10% fresh coconut water, ensuring a shelf life of 12 months through a hot-filling process without additional pasteurization or UHT treatment.

    Product Approval: Achieved approval from Malaysia’s Sports Institute for low-calorie energy drinks, with one flavor benchmarked against Red Bull.

    Results Shown:

    Following our interventions, Optastar Protein Sdn. Bhd experienced a doubling of sales and successful market expansion. Their products gained international exposure and secured placements in various top retailers across Malaysia, reflecting increased consumer demand and market penetration.

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