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    • Baked Items

      Biscuits, Cookies & Cakes

    • Beverages

      Carbonated, Fermented, Functional, Shakes, Syrups & RTD

    • Spreads

      Vegan Spreads, Nut Butter, Fats and Oil

    • Condiments and Seasonings

      Sauces, Spice Products, Flavor Additives & Dry Seasonings

    • Ready-to-Eat Food

      Instant Noodles & Shelf Stable Products

    • Nutritional Supplements

      including Food that make certain nutritional claims

    • Meat/ Seafood Products


    • Frozen Foods

    • Plant Based

    • Confectionary

    Countries We have Conducted Projects in:

    • USA

    • Malaysia

    • Singapore

    • Australia

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