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    Sweet Rebellion, Johor, Malaysia – Prebiotic Soda Creation

    We developed a prebiotic carbonated soda with zero preservatives and natural sweeteners, creating two unique flavors: Lime Mint and Cola.

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    Client Requirement:

    The client, an entrepreneur starting a new business, required a credible innovation food development company to create a preservative-free, prebiotic soda with natural sweeteners and no aftertaste.

    Client Profile:

    The client is an aspiring entrepreneur from Johor, Malaysia, aiming to transition from his current job to start his own business. His focus is on producing innovative and healthy beverages.

    Our Work:

    We collaborated closely with the client to develop the prebiotic soda from scratch. Within three months, we created the product, delivering the first prototype in just two weeks. The client worked hand-in-hand with our team at our headquarters to refine the product.

    We developed two flavors: Lime Mint (Mojito), using lime juice concentrate, and Cola. Each can contains 4 grams of inulin (prebiotics) and is sweetened with monk fruit, stevia, honey, and erythritol, ensuring no aftertaste.

    Results Shown:

    The client was extremely satisfied with the final product, which met all his requirements. The prebiotic soda, free from preservatives and sugar, with natural flavors and sweeteners, was developed efficiently and effectively, showcasing our capability to deliver high-quality, innovative beverage solutions.

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