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    ZINORA COOKIES: Elevating Taste and Extending Shelf Life

    ZINORA COOKIES, a food manufacturer based in Kedah, Malaysia, sought to enhance the taste and shelf life of their cookie products. Additionally, they aimed to transition from an online direct-to-consumer seller to retail.

    • Product Development

      Product Development

    • Shelf Life Extension

      Shelf Life Extension

    • Scale Up Manufacturing

      Scale Up Manufacturing

    • Retail Transition

      Retail Transition

    Client Profile:

    Specializing in cookie production, ZINORA COOKIES aimed to improve their product formulation to increase consumer satisfaction and expand their market reach.

    Our Work:

    Focusing on ZINORA COOKIES’ objectives, extensive research was conducted to revamp their product formulation. By benchmarking top-quality cookies worldwide and reverse engineering them, the products were enhanced for better taste and extended shelf life, lasting a minimum of 9 months.

    Furthermore, we provided guidance to the client in setting up their production processes and trained their production staff to ensure consistency and efficiency in manufacturing. The product was also optimized for retail distribution, enabling ZINORA COOKIES to transition seamlessly from an online seller to retail channels.

    Results Shown:

    As a result, ZINORA COOKIES experienced a significant increase in their consumer base and repeat purchases. Moreover, the shelf life of their cookies was extended from 3 to 9 months, enhancing product longevity and consumer satisfaction.

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