FOOD FORWARD 2024 Training Program:

Unlocking the Secrets of Food Product Success

In a world where the pace of change is relentless, the food industry faces a unique challenge: catering to ever-evolving consumer tastes. But do consumers always know what they want? Are their feedback and preferences consistent with their purchasing behavior?

It’s a startling fact that 85% of new products in the Consumer-Packaged Goods space fail, according to a Nielsen Report. This raises a pivotal question: how can the food industry increase its odds of success?
The fundamental equation for PRODUCT SUCCESS is a combination of a VALIDATED IDEA (an idea
people are willing to spend money on), a GREAT PRODUCT (one that tantalizes the senses and is priced right), delivered by a company with ROBUST BRANDING


As a food technology leader with a track record of developing over 350 successful products that sell in 75+ countries across 4 continents, FUBIZO, in partnership with Lean Business Solutions PLT, is excited to share the secrets of product success in the dynamic world of food in this training program FOOD

During this training, we will meticulously dissect each component of the equation above, equipping you with the tools and insights needed to elevate your performance in the marketplace.

Join us for an exclusive and transformative training experience at the prestigious Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where we will unveil the key ingredients for achieving product success in the
competitive food industry.

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Learn to Validate Ideas Effectively

In the ever-evolving food industry, it’s crucial to distinguish between good and great ideas. Discover the factors that make an idea successful and understand why some ideas work while others don’t through insightful case studies. We’ll delve into the common factors influencing idea success and failure, providing you with valuable insights into crafting ideas that resonate with consumers and drive success in the marketplace.

Harness Design Thinking and Rapid Prototyping

Understand the power of Design Thinking to identify the right problems to solve. Apply Rapid Prototyping techniques to swiftly transform ideas into tangible products.

Unlocking Success with Lean Startup

Our training program is committed to harnessing Lean Startup principles. It places emphasis on experimentation and learning, valuing customer feedback over intuition, and fostering short, iterative product development cycles. By embracing these principles, we empower you to innovate and excel in the dynamic world of the food and beverage industry.

Discover the True Value

It’s not just about what consumers want; it’s about what they’re willing to pay for. Learn how to accurately gauge consumer willingness to pay for your products.

Craft Blue Ocean Strategies

In a sea of competition, learn how to identify and create “Blue Ocean” spaces where your products stand uncontested. Discover how to make competition irrelevant and capture demand effectively.

Expand Your Horizons with Blue Ocean Strategy

Unlock new opportunities by applying the principles of the Blue Ocean Strategy. Learn from other industries to expand your market reach.

Embrace Continuous Innovation

Implement a model for continuous improvement of your business operations and product offerings. Stay agile and adapt to market changes effortlessly.

Optimize Product Improvement

Through the BUILD-LEARN-MEASURE methodology, gain insight into which aspects of your product to improve and innovate on for enhanced market performance.

Robust Branding Strategy

Develop a comprehensive branding strategy & ensure the longevity of your brand while constantly elevating the consumer experience. Identify the elements of your brand that resonate most with consumers and amplify their impact.


Our training program embraces an interactive and engaging approach, fostering a dynamic learning environment

• Engage in lively discussions to explore and evaluate diverse ideas.

• Foster a collaborative environment for exchanging perspectives.

• Dive into impactful case studies, analyzing both successes and failures.

• Extract valuable lessons applicable to your own ventures.

• Receive in-depth training on validating ideas, creating a great product, and robust branding.

• Benefit from practical insights shared by industry experts.

• Participate in dynamic seminars for interactive learning.

• Stay updated on industry trends, best practices, and innovative approaches.

• Apply knowledge to real-world scenarios for a holistic understanding.


This program is tailored for a diverse range of professionals in the food and beverage industry, including:

Founders, Directors and CEOs: Leaders seeking strategic insights to steer their organizations effectively.

Brand Managers, R&D, Operational, Marketing, and Sales Managers: Professionals responsible for driving product success and enhancing the consumer experience.

Brand Executives: Individuals shaping brand identity and market positioning.

Product Development and R&D Executives: Innovators looking to create products that resonate with the market.

Food Service Owners and F&B Operators (e.g., restaurant owners): Those in the food service industries who are dedicated to optimizing their offerings and serving their customers effectively.



Day 1:

⦁ Facilitators will explore case studies of product failures and successes, analyzing factors influencing these outcomes.

⦁ Real-world examples will be discussed, providing insights into the dynamics of new product launches.

⦁ Delve into the nuances of Contract Manufacturing vs. Innovation, understanding when contract manufacturing can lead to success, the significance of innovation, and the impact it can have compared to solely relying on your brand proposition. Learn to differentiate between formula tweaks and true innovation, gaining a comprehensive understanding of how innovation can drive sustained success in the competitive market landscape.

⦁ Master the art of listening to consumers and distributors while discerning actionable steps.

⦁ Develop a keen sense of which ideas to test and which to reject, minimizing costs while maximizing innovation.

⦁ Conduct A/B tests and continuously adapt to market feedback, ensuring product offerings remain agile and profitable.

⦁ Delve into the world of Design Thinking, a methodology that empowers you to identify real problems that require innovative solutions.

⦁ Learn the art of truly listening to consumers and distributors, discerning actionable feedback from mere suggestions.

⦁ Explore the delicate balance between consumer complaints and root problem identification, enabling you to distinguish between what needs fixing and what should remain to benefit both consumers and profitability.

⦁ Lean Startup, a methodology used to establish new companies or introduce new products. The three core tenets of Lean Startups include:

⦁ Experimentation and Learning over Long-term Business Planning – Shift your focus from extensive planning to agile experimentation, fostering rapid learning and adaptation.

⦁ Customer Feedback over Business Owner’s Intuition – Prioritize real customer feedback over personal assumptions; ensuring product development aligns with genuine market needs.

⦁ Short, Iterative Product Development Cycles over Long-term Projects – Embrace rapid, iterative development cycles, moving away from protracted, high-risk endeavors.

⦁ Embark on a journey through Rapid Prototyping Stage 1, where revised product offerings are shaped solely by market feedback.

⦁ Create a systematic approach to rapidly develop products, encompassing branding strategies and product development techniques.

Day 2:

⦁ Dive deeper into the product development journey, focusing on validation through a Design Thinking approach.

⦁ Develop a Minimum-Viable Product (MVP) and deploy it rapidly, ideally validating its potential through sales volumes.

⦁ Embrace the power of pricing strategies that create exceptional value at reasonable prices.

⦁ Explore the realms of Blue Ocean Strategy, learning to apply lessons from various industries to the food and beverage sector.

⦁ Uncover uncontested market spaces and create new opportunities by harnessing your organization’s strengths.

⦁ Shift from simply burning through marketing dollars to creating and capturing demand.

⦁ Uncover the actionable steps needed to create a reputable brand, moving beyond superficial packaging designs and color schemes.

⦁ Ensure the longevity of your brand while constantly elevating the consumer experience.

⦁ Identify the elements of your brand that resonate most with consumers and amplify their impact.


Dr. Andrew Jebamani: A Visionary Leader in Strategic Management

With an illustrious career spanning over 25 years in consulting, Dr. Andrew Jebamani stands as an unparalleled authority in the realm of management. Armed with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering, a PhD in Strategic Management from the USA, and an MBA from the UK, his extensive expertise encompasses pivotal roles as an Industrial Engineering Manager and Manufacturing Manager within multinational corporations, solidifying his position as a seasoned professional in the field. Dr. Andrew is more than a veteran in management; he is an astute trend analyzer affecting world-class companies, contributing to his deep understanding of global perspectives. His refreshingly interactive presentation style facilitates seamless knowledge transfer to the workplace, making complex ideas and methodologies easily applicable in real-world scenarios. As a senior member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineering in the USA, he holds a comprehensive global outlook on trends shaping toptier companies. Renowned as a certified trainer for numerous world-class management programs, Dr. Andrew’s training sessions are not just informative but are celebrated for their engaging and interactive nature. He has the unique ability to make complex ideas and methodologies easily applicable in real-world scenarios, ensuring that participants gain tangible and transformative insights. Dr. Andrew’s influence extends far beyond borders, as evidenced by his sought-after status as a speaker. He has delivered impactful presentations from India to China, Thailand, Vietnam, and beyond. In a testament to his exceptional contributions, Dr. Andrew was honored as the “Personality of the Month” by “The Machinist” magazine in November 2003. Dr. Andrew Jebamani stands as a highly capable trainer and consultant, known for delivering results across all levels of organizational hierarchy.

Mr. Alvin Andrew: A Revolutionary Mind in Food and Beverage Innovation

Renowned as a visionary and strategic product developer, Mr. Alvin Andrew is deeply passionate about creating products that transcend the ordinary—blending value, affordability, and delectable natural flavors. As the Founder and Principal Product Development Scientist at FUBIZO, a distinguished New Product Development Lab in Southeast Asia, Alvin spearheads a mission to elevate consumer experiences through groundbreaking innovation.
Alvin’s academic prowess is rooted in the prestigious University of Minnesota, USA, recognized globally as one of the foremost institutions for Food Science. There, he earned both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Food Science, specializing in Flavor Chemistry.
His impressive portfolio encompasses a wide array of product categories, ranging from sauces and beverages to snacks and fruit-based items such as juices, ice cream, and pastries. Alvin’s collaborative endeavors extend across enterprises of all sizes, showcasing his remarkable ability to tailor solutions that meet diverse business needs.

Acknowledged for his outstanding contributions, Alvin received a nomination for the esteemed
“BritishPedia Most Successful Individuals” in the 2023 edition. His influence extends beyond accolades, as he has been a key speaker at prominent events, including FOOD 2020 in Kuala Lumpur, The Cranberry Ingredient Seminar 2023 by US Cranberries, and the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association (IDDBA) in the USA in November 2023. Alvin’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the food industry positions him as a driving force behind transformative consumer experiences.

Training Investment?

When it comes to the world of food innovation, there’s no better investment than knowledge. And with our groundbreaking training program, FOOD FORWARD 2024, the future of your food and beverage ventures has never looked more promising.

For Companies:

  1. For just a one-time payment of RM 1,950.00 per person, your organization can unlock the secrets to thriving in the competitive food market.
  2. For Malaysian companies, these training costs are HRD claimable, allowing you to make the most of your training investment.

For Individuals:

  1. We understand that individuals with a passion for innovation should have access to this transformative program as well. Therefore, for a one-time payment of RM 1,950.00 per person,
    you can embark on this journey to success.
  2. Individual participants in Malaysia can pay their training fee in easy installments using a credit card. Get in touch with us today for more information on this option.

FOOD FORWARD 2024 isn’t just a training program; it’s an innovation accelerator for both individuals and organizations in the food and beverage industry.
This program empowers you with the knowledge and expertise to not only pursues the right product development ideas but also to rigorously test them before transforming them into thriving ventures.

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Join Us for a Transformational Journey!

Don’t miss the opportunity to transform your food and beverage business. The FOOD FORWARD 2024
training program is your ticket to unlocking the secrets of success in a highly competitive industry.
Learn from the best, apply proven methodologies, and watch your ideas come to life and thrive in the market.

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