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Product Development

We turn your idea into
actual products.





FUBIZO helps clients focus on who they truly are and help manifest this in the products, sales pitch, and all marketing efforts. We train your salesman to become refined and ensure they can confidently handle customer inquiries, design your product catalog, packaging, and a variety of marketing materials.

Product/ Ingredient Cost Reduction

FUBIZO could help you
reduce the cost of your current product by replacing ingredients or helping your source for the same quality but lower-priced ingredients




FUBIZO could help you reformulate your product to meet regulatory compliance and market trends. We make your product more natural, healthier (reduced sugar, salt, calories), compliant for certification by internationally recognized bodies, avoid certain taxes such as sugar taxes and ensure claims made on the label are proper and approved.

Co-Packer/ Contract Manufacturer/ Ingredient Sourcing

With our vast portfolio of ingredient suppliers and co-manufacturers from all over the world, we are able to assist you to source the best ingredients and manufacturers to ensure you and your consumers get only the best!

Scale Up/ Manufacturing Setup

If you already have your product and looking to scale up, we could help! We could also, make your manufacturing more efficient and reduce the cost of production.



Product Categories
We Specialise In

Baked Items

(Biscuits, Cookies & Cakes)


(Carbonated, Fermented, Functional, Shakes, Syrups & RTD)


(Vegan Spreads, Nut Butter, Fats and Oil)

Condiments and Seasonings

(Sauces, Spice Products, Flavor Additives & Dry Seasonings)

Ready-to-Eat Food

(Instant Noodles & Shelf Stable Products)

Nutritional Supplements

(including Food that make certain nutritional claims)

Meat/ Seafood Products


Frozen Foods

Plant Based

Who We Serve


venture Capitalist
Venture Capitalists
Small Medium Food Manufacturers
Food Business
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Countries We have Conducted Projects in:

USA, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia .... and many more

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Strategically Driven by Insights

We work with you at any stage of your product/business carrying your idea through to fruition. FUBIZO’s dream team would help you from ideation to developing a tangible product that is scalable and branding efforts that communicates the esence of your product to the market.


Accurately addressing consumers needs and wants are essential to ensuring the success of a product. Understanding your market (retailers, food service customer or end consumer) by gathering insights are important to ensure the right idea is being developed. We can work with your idea or have our team identify opportunity for growth through a combination of techniques, including a 5C analysis, expert interviews, consumer/customer research and data mining.


Our expert team of scientists, engineers and chefs bring ideas to life in the shortest time possible. We formalise formulas, determine best processes, ingredient specifications and revise prototypes to arrive at a craveable product that solves a need or want.


Once the product is developed and formulation locked, our engineers work with scaling up manufacturing. We can also help search for a co-packer/ co-manufacturer/ OEM manufacturer if self-manufacturing isn’t an option. To ensure scalability, our commercialisation team is involved from Day 1 of the development and conduct production trial runs to validate the process, ingredients and manufacturing process. We work hands on in the production floor and train production staff to reproducibility.


When a great product is made, highlighting the Unique Selling Point clearly to customers is needed to ensure sales. Our team of designers and copy writers can design packaging, catalogue and even train the salesperson to communicate the product value effectively to the market.

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