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    Product Reformulation

    At FUBIZO, our team of Product Reformulation experts excels in optimizing your food and beverage product formulations to meet your competitive business objectives while preserving their exceptional taste and quality.

     Shelf Life Extension
    Employing cutting-edge preservation techniques and innovative packaging solutions, we extend the shelf life of your products, ensuring prolonged freshness and consumer satisfaction.

    Anticipating Trends with Agility
    FUBIZO stays ahead of the curve by swiftly identifying and embracing emerging food trends, allowing us to realign your reformulated product with evolving consumer preferences, ensuring it remains relevant and desirable in the market.

    Cost Optimization of Ingredients
    With a wealth of experience, our seasoned team identifies opportunities for cost reduction without compromising the integrity or appeal of your product, delivering exceptional value without compromise.

    Streamlining Manufacturing Processes
    We streamline manufacturing processes for scalability and consistency, leveraging our expertise to analyze and enhance your production methods for increased efficiency and ease of production.

    Ensuring Regulatory Compliance Across Regions
    Our experts are well-versed in diverse food regulations worldwide, ensuring that your reformulated product not only complies with specific market requirements but also caters to regional taste preferences, ensuring widespread consumer appeal.

    Product Development

    FUBIZO offers an expedited product development process, allowing you to launch within a mere 3 weeks, a timeframe unmatched in the industry.

    Rapid Prototyping
    Our rapid prototyping capabilities allow us to swiftly create working models of your product, providing you with visual representations for refinement and adjustment.

    Refined Concepts for Success
    Through meticulous analysis and refinement, we ensure the feasibility and viability of your product concepts, addressing potential challenges and offering valuable insights to structure your ideas for successful development.

    Strategic Market Analysis
    Leveraging our expertise, we conduct comprehensive market analysis to strategically position your product for success, identifying market trends, consumer preferences, and competitive landscapes to inform our development strategies.

    Crafting Exceptional Recipes
    Our team of culinary and food science experts is dedicated to crafting the perfect recipe, focusing on taste, texture, and nutritional value to ensure your product exceeds consumer expectations.

    Innovative Ingredient Solutions
    Differentiate your product from competitors with custom ingredient solutions tailored to your unique specifications, ensuring exclusivity and preventing replication.

    Sourcing Premium Ingredients
    We source only the finest and freshest ingredients for your product development, ensuring superior quality and flavor profiles.

    Regulatory Compliance Assurance
    Rest assured, your product will comply with all necessary food safety and labeling regulations, ensuring consumer trust and confidence.

    Optimized Products for Health-Conscious Consumers
    Through calorie reduction and nutritional improvements, we optimize products to appeal to health-conscious consumers without compromising taste or quality.

    Strategic Branding and Packaging
    Our holistic “Inside Out” approach ensures that not only are your products exceptional, but they are also complemented by visually appealing branding and packaging designs that resonate with your target audience.

    Scale-Up / Manufacturing Setup

    FUBIZO facilitates seamless expansion of food production capabilities to meet increasing demand and solidify market leadership.

    From Prototype to Mass Production
    Manufacturing a product on a large scale introduces challenges that differ from those encountered during prototype development. Discrepancies often arise between the approved lab-scale formulation and the final product manufactured in bulk. We specialize in bridging this gap and ensuring consistency throughout the production process. Our expertise in addressing deviations ensures end products meet approved specifications and quality standards.

    Ensuring Product Consistency
    We maintain product consistency through meticulous production specifications and quality control measures, eliminating variations and ensuring uniformity across batches.

    Empowering Production Workers
    Comprehensive training programs empower your production workers with the skills and knowledge necessary to handle increased production volumes effectively, ensuring smooth operations and quality output.

    Efficient Production Facility Setup
    We meticulously design process flows, ensuring compliance with international standards for export certification.

    Lean Production Strategies
    Our lean production approach minimizes waste, optimizes processes, and enhances efficiency, delivering high-quality products while reducing costs and maximizing profitability.

    Co-Packer / Contract Manufacturer
    & Ingredient Sourcing

    Let FUBIZO’s sourcing experts connect you with reputable co-packers and manufacturers worldwide to produce your food products to your exact specifications.

    Securing Quality Manufacturing Worldwide
    We leverage our extensive network to locate contract manufacturers globally, prioritizing cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality. Our stringent specifications guarantee consistent excellence, ensuring the best balance of reduced costs and superior standards.

    Seamless Contract Manufacturing Solutions
    Through our established network, we identify contract manufacturers aligned with your cost and quantity requirements. Our rigorous quality standards and international presence ensure that you benefit from reduced costs while maintaining impeccable product quality and consistency.

    Strategic Ingredient Sourcing Solutions
    Our international presence ensures that we can procure ingredients from diverse regions, guaranteeing availability and reducing supply chain risks. With our robust supplier network, we ensure that ingredients are readily available in local markets worldwide. Our strategic partnerships and international reach enable us to source ingredients efficiently, ensuring product availability and supporting market expansion initiatives.

    Efficiency through Lean Practices
    Our commitment to lean production practices ensures maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness, allowing you to deliver high-quality products while minimizing waste and overheads.


    Enhance your brand with eye-catching product labels, multilingual catalogs, and tailored salesperson training from our expert team.

    Eye-Catching Product Label Design
    Our creative team designs visually stunning product labels that effectively communicate your brand message and entice consumers to purchase.

    Multilingual Catalog Design
    Showcase your brand and products to global markets with professionally designed catalogs, brochures, and flyers translated into multiple languages for maximum reach and impact.

    Tailored Salesperson Training
    Equip your sales team with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively engage with customers and drive sales through tailored training programs developed by FUBIZO’s industry experts.

    Our Diverse Clientele

    FUBIZO has worked with international clients from across the globe. More than 450 products have been developed by us, which are sold in 75+ countries. We have had projects in the US, Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia.

    • Individual Entrepreneurs
      / Small Businesses

      Small-scale startups like home-based food business and dieticians looking to create their own products.

    • Plantation Clients

      Farms and orchard owners wanting to make fruit juices and related food items.

    • F&B Manufacturers

      Existing product businesses looking to expand their product line, e.g., a cookie maker venturing into cake production.

    • Distributors and Traders

      Importers interested in creating their own brands by locally manufacturing food products.

    • Food Service Providers

      Established brands looking to expand, e.g., a restaurant with a unique sauce wanting to sell it in supermarkets.

    • Multinational F&B Manufacturers

      Multinational F&B Manufacturers looking to develop innovative products and drive market growth.

    Know Our Handled Client Requests

    Our versatile team of experts, including chefs, scientists, engineers, and branding specialists, is adept at addressing a broad range of client inquiries. While our capabilities cover various requests, we commonly handle five key categories of client service inquiries.

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