Our Services

1 - Product Reformulation

At FUBIZO, our Product Reformulation experts specialize in optimizing your food and beverage product formulations to meet your competitive business objectives while maintaining their taste and quality.

Shelf Life Extension

We use advanced preservation techniques & packaging solutions to extend the shelf life of your product.

Staying Ahead of Trends with Speed

FUBIZO swiftly recognizes & seizes emerging food trends, aligning your reformulated product with evolving consumer preferences.

Cost Reduction of Ingredients

Our experienced team identifies cost-saving opportunities without sacrificing product appeal, maintaining a balance between cost-effectiveness and product quality.

Ensuring Manufacturing Ease

We standardize processes for scalability and consistency. Our experts analyze your production methods and suggest improvements for easier manufacturing.

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance In Different Regions

Our experts stay updated on diverse food regulations worldwide, ensuring your reformulated product complies with specific market requirements. We also customize taste and texture to match regional preferences.

2- Product Development

At FUBIZO, we can help fast-track your product development process so you can launch within 3 weeks – not 3 months or years.

Leveraging our team of experts in product development, like scientists, chefs, and branding wizards, we offer a tailored, hassle-free solution to transform your food idea into a market-ready product. Whether it’s developing new products from scratch, improving existing ones, or reverse engineering products based on benchmarks, we excel in all aspects of product development.

Rapid Prototyping

We quickly create working models of your product for visualization and adjustments.

Concept Refinement

We analyze its feasibility, identify potential challenges, and suggest valuable improvements to ensure your idea is well-structured and ready for development.

Market Analysis

We analyze its feasibility, identify potential challenges, and suggest valuable improvements to ensure your idea is well-structured and ready for development.

Recipe Development & Product Formulation

Our culinary and food science experts develop the perfect recipe with a prime focus on taste, texture, and nutrition.

Ingredient Innovation for Uniqueness

We produce custom ingredients tailored precisely to your product's unique specifications, differentiating it from competitors & preventing replication.

Quality Ingredients Sourcing

We always source the finest & freshest ingredients for food product development.

Regulatory Compliance

We ensure your product complies with all the necessary food safety and labeling regulations.

Product Optimization

We optimize products by calorie reduction and other nutritional improvements without compromising on taste, attracting health-conscious consumers.

Branding and Packaging

We create an appealing brand identity and packaging design that resonates with your target audience with our “Inside Out” approach, setting your product apart on the shelves.

3- Scale-Up / Manufacturing Setup

Our experts facilitate efficient food production expansion to meet growing demand and establish market leadership. 

Scaling Solutions

FUBIZO is equipped to handle scaling challenges while maintaining consistency and quality.

Product Consistency

We guarantee product consistency by creating detailed production specifications, ensuring uniform quality every time & eliminating deviations in the manufacturing process.

Training Production Workers

Our experts provide comprehensive training to enhance your production workers' skills and knowledge, which is crucial for handling increased production volumes effectively.

Setting up of Production Facility from Scratch

Whether you have an existing facility or not, we provide guidance on planning, understanding requirements, and optimizing production for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Lean Production

Our lean production approach minimizes waste, optimizes processes, and enhances efficiency. We prioritize continuous improvement, just-in-time production, and employee involvement to deliver high-quality products while reducing costs.

4 - Co-packer / Contract Manufacturer & Ingredient Sourcing

Let FUBIZO’s sourcing experts find the right co-packers and manufacturers to produce your food products at the quality and price point you require anywhere in the world.

Cost-Effective Manufacturing Anywhere in the World

As your food business grows, you may expand regionally or globally. We have a vast network of reliable co-packers and manufacturers worldwide, helping you find the ideal partner to meet your needs and budget.

Lean Production

Our lean production approach minimizes waste, optimizes processes, and enhances efficiency. We prioritize continuous improvement, just-in-time production, and employee involvement to deliver high-quality products while reducing costs.

5 - Branding

Product Label Design

We create visually appealing product labels that communicate the right message and compel customers to buy. Our designs consider brand guidelines, target demographics, layout, colors, and copy.

Catalog Design in Multiple Languages

We design professional catalogs, brochures, and flyers showcasing your brand and products. Material is translated into multiple languages to reach global markets.

Salesperson Training

FUBIZO provides tailored salesperson training for the food industry, equipping your team with product knowledge, brand insights, and effective selling techniques. This empowers them to engage confidently with customers, boosting sales and satisfaction.

Client Profiles That We Work With

FUBIZO has worked with international clients from across the globe. More than 300 products have been developed by us, which are sold in 70+ countries. We have had projects in the US, Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Individual Entrepreneurs/ Small Businesses

Small-scale startups like home-based food business and dieticians looking to create their own products.

Plantation Clients

Farms and orchard owners wanting to make fruit juices and related food items.

F&B Manufacturers

Existing product businesses looking to expand their product line, e.g., a cookie maker venturing into cake production.

Distributors and Traders

Importers interested in creating their own brands by locally manufacturing food products.

Food Service Providers

Established brands looking to expand, e.g., a restaurant with a unique sauce wanting to sell it in supermarkets.

5 Types of ClientService Requests We Handle

While our team of experts consisting of chefs, scientists, engineers, and branding gurus can handle any type of client query, we usually get these five types of requests from clients.

Layer 3

1) Modifying

The first request is for replicating or modifying a benchmark product, seeking our assistance to meet their specific requirements, including reverse engineering.

Layer 5

2) Cost Reduction

The second request is to enhance an existing product, where clients want improvements in taste, cost reduction, and other monetary aspects. For instance, with a cake, they desire increased moistness and an extension of its shelf life.

Layer 13

3) Manufacturing

The third request involves a factory facing various manufacturing issues and deviations, like low shelf life & product spoilage. They seek our assistance to improve their production process for better product quality & longevity.

Layer 4

4) Branding

The fourth request that we usually get is for branding, re-branding, and marketing assistance. They seek guidance on marketing strategies, creating unique selling points (USPs), and establishing effective branding for their product.

Condiments and Seasonings

5) Development

Lastly, we also get requests for product development from scratch. The customers will convey their ideas to us, and we make products according to their ideas and expectations.

Some of Our Esteemed Clients

FUBIZO has worked with international clients, including the US, Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia. We have developed over 300 products sold in 70+ countries.

How to Get Started?

Interested? Let’s get in touch.

Step 1


Call us for a free consultation in person or over video call/Zoom. We’ll discuss your project's needs & goals, scope, refine ideas, comprehend business value, and leverage our experience & successful case studies to achieve your objectives and boost revenue.

Step 2


Once you are willing to work with us, we prepare and submit an extensive proposal containing the scope of work, payment schedules, NDA, and other terms & conditions. Our proposals are 100% transparent with zero hidden costs. We always agree under-promise and over-deliver.

Step 3

Project Start

After both parties agree on terms, FUBIZO initiates the project. We'll send prototypes for your feedback and iterate until objectives are met. All intellectual property rights are transferred to you upon completion. That's how FUBIZO closes your project!


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