Who are we?

We are FUBIZO, a specialist product development company in the food and beverage industry. Founded in 2017, we originated in Boston, USA, and are currently headquartered in Penang, Malaysia. Our state-of-the-art facility includes an in-house development lab and pilot plant.

FUBIZO has a team of highly professional and skilled experts from the food and beverage industry. This includes profound science geeks, artsy chefs, and branding Moghuls. We are focused on creating ‘Inside-out’ products. We create exceptional products and make consumers aware of their exclusivity through impressive packaging. The product’s packaging will boast the greatness of the product, creating an exclusive impression on the customers that they couldn’t resist buying it.

Our Journey in Delivering Success Stories for Our Clients

When it comes to a food business, the going can get even tougher because it needs a lot of ideation and proper implementation. That is why FUBIZO, a food & beverage company, was established to cater to the pain points associated with product development, scaling, and branding in the food industry.

Our unique offering helps convert ideas into products in real-time. No matter how crazy or impractical your idea might sound, we are here to listen to them and give them the wings they need to transition into commercial and scalable products. With our expertise in this niche, we are ready for all challenges and take each project with equal enthusiasm and seriousness.


At FUBIZO, you get the most diverse team of food scientists, flavors chemists, chefs, engineers, and marketing/ branding experts. Our team members are highly skilled, experienced and come from all over the world to bring you the best.
We understand the importance of launching a successful product, therefore we have the experience and knowledge to get you to the pinnacle!

What Do We Do?

We enable our clients with a significant competitive advantage in the food industry by embracing a comprehensive and innovative approach to product development.

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Our Skill

At FUBIZO, we believe our core competence is to ensure a product is amazing inside-out. This starts with our chefs making a yummy product, nutritionists ensuring it’s good for you, and scientist doing their “thing” to ensure stability and scalability then our engineers figuring out how to scale up the product from prototype to factory produced commercial product.

Let our team help you! Call +6018-707-2004 or email info@fubizo.com!

Product Development






Product Development


Why Choose FUBIZO?


Our primary emphasis lies in the creation of avant-garde products.

Quick Turnaround Time

We deliver fast - within three weeks, you can experience the product.

Competitive Edge

You can benefit from a unique competitive advantage in the market thanks to world-class ingredients & top-of-line development process.

Payment Flexibility

We extend payment flexibility to our clients as we wish to work as your partners and not as mere vendors.

Successful Developments

We have successfully developed 150 products and sold them in 70+ countries.


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