We’re on our mission to enable our clients to have a strong competitive edge in the food industry through our holistic approach to innovative product development.

Who is Fubizo?

FUBIZO is a specialized product development company in the food & beverage industry.

Founded in 2017 in Boston, it is now headquarted in Penang, Malaysia.

Has a state-of-the-art facility, including in-house development laboratory and pilot plant.

Core services include product reformulation, product development, scale-up/manufacturing setup, co-packer/contract manufacturer & ingredient sourcing, and branding.


FUBIZO caters to the pain points associated with product development, scaling, and branding in the food industry with the following services:

Product Reformulation

Product Optimization

FUBIZO specializes in optimizing food and beverage formulations while maintaining quality. 

Formula Standardizing

Standardize formulas and processes for scalable and consistent production.

Customized Products

We customize tastes and textures for target markets

Shelf Life Extension

Extend product shelf life using preservation techniques and packaging solutions.

Manufacturing ease

Our experts analyze and recommend improvements for manufacturing ease.

Ingredients' Cost Reduction

Identify cost-saving opportunities for ingredients without compromising quality.

Trend Identification & Alignment

Stay ahead of industry trends with out agile approach.

Ensuring Regional Regulatory Compliance

Services include ensuring regulatory compliance in different regions.

Product Development


Baked items, beverages, condiments, spereads, ready-to-eat food, meat/seafood, frozen food, supplements, plant-based products, and confectionery.

Recipe Development & Product Formulation

Craft perfect recipes and formulations, focusing on taste, texture, and nutritional value.

Concept Refinement

Collaboratively refine your food product concept, addressing feasibility, challenges, and improvements.

Ingredient Innovation

Create custom ingredients for uniqueness and differentiation in your product.

Rapid Prototyping

Quickly create working models of your product to visualize and adjust before production.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure your product complies with food safety and labeling regulations.

Branding and Packaging

Create appealing branding and packaging that resonates with your target audience, emphasizing product value.

Market Analysis

Conduct in-depth market research to position your product strategically.

Quality Ingredients Sourcing

Source the finest ingredients for food product development.

Product Optimization

Make products appealing to health-conscious consumers without compromising taste.

Scale-Up / Manufacturing Setup

Production Facility Setup

We help plan and set up production facilities, offering consultations on formulas and machinery.

Lean Production

Our approach minimizes waste, optimizes processes, and boosts efficiency through continuous improvement.

Worker Training

Our experts provide comprehensive training for a skilled workforce.

Product Consistency

We ensure uniform quality with production specifications.

FUBIZO's Guidance

Enables you to fast-track new product launches, boost throughout, reduce costs, and maintain consistent quality and food saftey.

Scaling Solutions

Handle scaling challenges while maintaining product quality and consistency.

Co-packer / Contract Manufacturer & Ingredient Sourcing

Ingredient Sourcing & Compliance

We handle ingredient sourcing, ensuring top quality and full compliance.

Global Cost-Effective Manufacturing

Expand your business globally with our network of reliable co-packers and manufacturers.


Product Label Design

We craft captivating labels that convey the right message and entice buyers, considering brand, demographics, layout, colors, and copy.

Multilingual Catalogs

Create professional, multilingual marketing materials for global markets.

Salesperson Training

Equip your team with industry-specific knowledge and selling skills for increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Our Clients

FUBIZO has worked with international clients, including the US, Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia. We have developed over 300 products sold in 70+ countries.

Type of Clients We Work With

Individual Entrepreneurs/ Small Businesses

Small-scale startups like home-based food business and dieticians looking to create their own products.

Plantation Clients

Farms and orchard owners wanting to make fruit juices and related food items.

F&B Manufacturers

Existing product businesses looking to expand their product line, e.g., a cookie maker venturing into cake production.

Distributors and Traders

Importers interested in creating their own brands by locally manufacturing food products.

Food Service Providers

Established brands looking to expand, e.g., a restaurant with a unique sauce wanting to sell it in supermarkets.

Why Choose FUBIZO?

Talented & Skilled Team

We're backed by highly skilled and talented science geeks, creative chefs, and branding experts.

Unique Approach

We have a completely unique approach, an "Inside-out" approach.


Our primary emphasis lies in the creation of avant-garde products.

Swift Delivery

We deliver products within just three weeks, so you can get your try & test the product.

Competitive Edge

You can benefit from a unique competitive advantage in the market thanks to world-class ingredients & top-of-line development process.

Flexible Payment Options

We offer payment flexibility to our clients, as we are here to be your long-term business partner rather.

Proven Track Record

With a track record of 150 successful product developments distributed in over 70 countries, our results speak volumes.

How to Get Started?

Contact FUBIZO today to enhance your formula.

Step 1


Schedule a free video/Zoom meeting to define your project's needs, refine ideas, and discuss business value.

Step 2


Upon agreement, we provide a transparent proposal with scope, payment schedules, NDA and terms.

Step 3

Project Start

When terms are accepted, we officially begin the project, sending prototypes for your feedback. We continue until objectives are met, transferring intellectual property rights to you.

What Client Say About Us

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We’re on our mission to enable our clients to have a strong competitive edge in the food industry through our holistic approach to innovative product development.

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